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Breaking it down.

We've said it elsewhere on this site, but it bears repeating. We know you aren't in it for the money, but the art. Your needs and your cash flow might not necessarily be in alignment. That's why Home Base Arts designed our services like an à la carte menu instead of prix fix, allowing you to order only what you need. We can put together a comprehensive package and manage it for you, or break it down to what you need right now.  And don't worry - we'll help you figure that out, too.


Here are some examples:



Website needs vary, but a content rich one, like the example, can be designed and launched for less than you think. You may not need this much, or you might want more. We'll help you figure that out, and work closely with you to ensure the site represents you the way you want. After we deliver your site, fine-tuned for SEO visibility, we can manage it for you or teach you how to update it yourself.  We'll work with you to figure out what's best for your situation.


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Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 12-13-51 Jazz James Sanders Violin.png

Writing, editing & press releases:


Writing and editing needs may vary from a simple who/where/when event notice to an extended narrative that describes you, your art and your motivations. Our background in communications, marketing and feature writing will help you tell your story. If you like, we can also deliver the finished product to media outlets for you.


Written copy can also be combined with web or graphic design projects for a complete communications package.

copy writing, press releases

Social media & e-mail:


You probably have personal social media pages, and perhaps you've created an 'official' page as well. But do you know what to do with them, or have the time to stay connected? Do you know how each of them works and the different protocols they require for the effect you want?


We'll consult with you to determine the answer, then help you put it together. We can also set up an e-newsletter service that integrates with social media (and your website), then design an effective and good looking template. After that, we can teach you how to use and manage these tools or, if you like, manage them for you.

social media, e-mail
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